Frequently Asked Questions
About Braces & Invisalign

Do you have questions about orthodontics? We've got the answers you need.

Why should you go to a board-certified orthodontist?

Orthodontists focus solely on creating beautiful, healthy smiles. It's what Dr. Blackburn does all day, every day. Dr. Blackburn is a board-certified orthodontist -- a recognition of his ability and commitment to helping you meet your goals for straighter teeth and better health.

Do you charge for the first visit?

Absolutely not! We care that you have the information needed to make this life changing decision, and we would never want an appointment fee to stand in the way of that. That's why your first visit is absolutely free.

How long does the first appointment take?

We are so glad you are thinking about an appointment with us. At Blackburn and Elrod Orthodontics, we understand life is busy, so we keep the initial consultation to 50 minutes. With our technology and amazing team, we can get your treatment started on the consultation day, so keep that in mind when planning your visit.

How soon can I start treatment after my first appointment?

The beauty of having the latest technology and the best team in the Kansas City metro area is that we can start your treatment the day of your first appointment, whether your plan involves braces or Invisalign.

How long does it take to straighten teeth?

It all depends on your jaw structure and teeth, but with our custom treatment plans, the average orthodontic treatment time is usually between 18-20 months.

At what age can my child start orthodontic treatment?

We love to see kids when they turn 7 years old. This allows us to create a thorough plan and, if needed, to intervene while the jaw and mouth are still growing.

Can adults get orthodontic treatment?

Orthodontic treatment is useful to patients of just about all ages. Crooked teeth are difficult to live with at any age. We have had patients start treatment at 80 years old!

How much does treatment cost?

Today more than ever, bills, subscription services and commitments make the cost of life challenging for families. At Blackburn and Elrod Orthodontics, we believe you should decide what works best for you financially. With our finance options you get to choose 1) the number of months you want to pay for your braces or Invisalign and 2) the amount of your initial down payment. These two decisions will determine your monthly payment amount. We don't want finances to stand in the way of your perfect smile, so visit our office in Independence or Blue Springs for a free consultation.

Do you take insurance for treatment?

We accept all different types of insurance, but insurance coverage varies depending on your dental plan. Many providers will cover the cost of Invisalign or braces. If you have more specific questions about the orthodontic treatment we offer, please give us a call at (816) 373-6006. We'll do our best to put your mind at ease.

What can I eat while wearing braces?

You can eat anything, as long as you avoid sticky or hard foods that could pop off brackets. The other foods we recommend you avoid has more to do with hygiene. We'll ask you to stay away from things like chips, sticky foods and popcorn -- those little kernels can be hard to clean out of your gums and braces.

What is my part in straightening my teeth?

Straightening your teeth is a team effort. We believe this so much that if you are not feeling invested in the process we recommend you don't move forward. That's because your orthodontic treatment will only be successful if you take the necessary cleaning steps, come to your appointments regularly, and wear all the necessary items in your customized plan. We are in this together!

Do braces hurt?

The idea that it hurts to get braces is a belief that remains from the "good 'ol days." Things have changed! Today's orthodontics include lots of innovations to help with your comfort. Come for your free consultation and we'll answer any questions you have about orthodontic treatment.

Come see us to get your biggest orthodontics questions answered! Your first appointment is FREE.

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